Pachnoda elegantissima Dear beetle lover, hi all interested people,

At this space a webpage about beetles, especially about african flower beetles, is gradually under construction. This page is designed as a book. Of you turn the page you get to the table of contents. From there you can navigate to each chapter. There is also a general part about husbandry and breeding. The main focus is more on specific species than to give general advice. In other words, it’s only single beetle species introduced here which I keep and breed (successfully) by myself.

This page‘s cover photos show Pachnoda thoracica and Pachnoda elegantissima. Pachnoda thoracica is my favorite and Pachnoda elegantissima is no.1 on my wish list. It would be much appreciated if anyone could offer me those beetles or help to acquire them. Pachnoda thoracica

Thankworthy Petr provided the photo of Pachnoda elegantissima. For everyone interested in flower beetles I can strongly recommend to visit Petr’s homepage To me it is currently the most beautiful and interesting beetle page. (I explicitly distance myself from any legal consequences of this recommendation.)

This is webpage is suppused to be created in the languages: German, English and Arabic! As my Arabic Knowledge is not worth it to mention, I would appreciate if someone who is able to speak Arabic would support my scheme. As this a non-profit page the offer to translate should also be free of cost. If necessary minor expenditures could probably be reimbursed.

Many thanks to Mr M. Y. Halami for the Arabic translations of the index page of this homepage!